Insemination and Breeding Season 2014

After 4 years of service in our facilities, we have sold AMackenzie, our first AA sire conceived through embryo transfer, to Brandenburg for further breeding.

This season, our heifers are inseminated by the AA bull Red Six Mile Grand Slam 130Z, a Canadian sire that ranks among the top 10% in weaning and yearling’s weight and stands for easy births at the same time. Regarding milk yield, his mother Red Six Mile Rebecca, is among the top 1%.

As we are very happy with the male and female offspring of our Aberdeen Angus bull Roed Fabel (state champion Tarmstedt 2014) and the first young female bovines are now ready for insemination, Roed Fabel will again be used for breeding with a group of cows. Subsequently, he will work in the herd of our colleague Jörg Fahrenholz.

New to our facilities, the Aberdeen Angus bull Jetstream ET, who was also used as a sire for conformation and type traits, will be used to serve a second group. Jetstream is of pure US American genetic decent. His paternal grandfather is the well-known bull Beckton Lancer F442T. His mother can be traced to Ankonian Dynamo, one of the forefathers of the American Angus breed. The 5-year-old Jetstream has shown excellent muscular development and displays and extraordinarily even temper.

We would like to thank Hans-Jürgen Jäger for allowing us the use of this bull.

Video of Red Six Mile Grand Slam 130Z