Angus Treffen auf Hof Christelhoi im Juli 2014

Schleswig-Holstein Angus meeting at Fam. Clausen in Satrup

On 5 July 2014, over 30 breeders and keepers of Angus cattle from Schleswig-Holstein met on the Christelhoi-Angus (FRZ) cattle farm. Following an extensive tour of the grounds and herds, led by Traute and Kurt Clausen, individual breeding animals were examined. The male offspring of international genetic decent, and particularly the offspring of this year’s Tarmstedt winner Boelling Roed Fabel, impressed in particular. Boelling Roed Fabel is a son of Red DMM Brylor Thump 2T. Their excellent own offspring, largely characterized by strong Canadian and Australian Aberdeen Angus genetics implemented via insemination and embryo transfer, is supplemented by heifers from the Czech Republic and Denmark.

Afterwards, the guests were served T-bone steaks fresh from the grill, a real delicacy that once again proved the excellent quality of Angus meat with good values for marbling and tenderness!

After representatives of the FRZ (Dr. Walter Reulecke) and RSH (Claus Henningsen) declared the meeting a successful one, it was agreed that the German “Angus landscape” is in need of a Schleswig-Holstein delegation, to take care of issues and concerns of the breed, as well as ensure a better interconnection. It was agreed that this should be addressed cooperatively.

We are certain that this was not the last meeting of this kind. The FRZ would like to thank the Clausen family for this perfectly organized meeting and wishesall the best for the success of a “Schleswig-Holstein Angus Interest Group“.

Dr. Walter Reulecke, head of the breeding board and CEO