Angus at its best
For all admirers of the red AA genotype!

Embryos from Bieber Roosevelt W384

  • Sire: Bieber Rough Rider 10712
  • Dam: C A Future Direction 5321
  • Birth Date: 1.3. 2009 Birth Weight 42 kg
  • 200 days Weight 355 kg
  • 365 days Weight 588 kg

The Pedigree:

Roosevelt W384 has 290 descendants in 81 holdings and therefore has a high breeding value. His calves record a very good milk yield. He therefore belongs to the best 4% of sires in the USA and to the best 8% when it comes to marbling. In reference to calving ease, he is ranked among the best 18% of the Red Angus bulls. The pronounced muscular development on back and shoulders, as well as the low and wide-set leg are impressive. Roosevelt fathered several top bulls, such as Rollin Deep and Rushmore.Doublemuscle gene free!

From the following cows:

Red U-2 Code Red daughter CHB 11P

  • Born 18 January 2004
  • The sire’s side unites the solid characteristics of the bloodline “Red TKP Bodacouis 693” and “Red SSS Boomer 803B”.
  • The mother’s side is provided with excellent genes regarding milk yield and calving ease by the bull “Red Diamond D TS Praramount 82F”.

The Pedigree:

A low-framed cow with firm udder and great structure. So far, she has birthed 8 calves with an average relative index of 108. The 9th calf is still with her. Her fertility and productivity are outstanding. Despite her age, this cow has a very attractive appearance. (the picture was taken in autumn of 2013)

Red SSS Red Dawn daughter MHB 93S

  • Born on 10 Febuary 2006
  • Father’s sire: SSS Twilight 460K, from the black bull “Conneally Frontline”
  • On the mother’s side, the bloodlines “Red Badlands Bonus 702″ and ” Red BJR Make My Day 981″, which are very popular in northern America, are represented.

The Pedigree:

Since 2012, this cow has been ranked as Elite/Premium Cow. With her bull calves, she has a Lifetime Index of 114 and an index of 109 when it comes to her daughters’ firstlings. Her 7th calf is still with her. Her last bull calf was presented at the “Red Roundup” bull show in 2013. She reaches top scores in the categories milk yield, weaning weight, and carcass weight. Her daughters inherit her good feet and udder form.

Once the EU-suitable embryos (Class 1) have been imported to Germany, the embryos, together with the appropriate papers, can be delivered to the required address via Semex. The DNA maps of the parent animals are available through our holding Christelhoi.