FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Our Angus cattle are free of all notifiable diseases. The results of the BVD/MD antigen examination are recorded on the “HIT” database (Identification and Information System for Animals). The BHV1 status survey is conducted every year. Our cattle has been certifiably BHV1–free for 25 years.

Ever since we began breeding Angus cattle, we made sure to only use Angus bulls that do not carry the mutated myostatin gene. All herd bulls are tested.

Christelhoi-Angus cattle are treated against endo -and ectoparasites in the required intervals. Naturally, all breeder animals undergo a final treatment before a sale.

The sale of Angus cattle to BHV1-free states, as well as the export to foreign countries, generally require quarantine. Our company has executed this several times in cooperation with and controlled by the veterinary inspectionoffice.

Upon consultation, we can facilitate the transport of individual Angus cattle or small groups. Should you require the transport of a larger group, we are happy to assist you in finding a suitable carrier.

the herd registry of our Angus herd is the responsibility of the FRZ (Association of the Beef Cattle Breeders of Schleswig-Holstein) in Kiel, of which we are a member. Twice a year, the breeding board of the FRZ grades the offspring of the Angus herd, chooses our Angus bulls for breeding, and issues the required breeding certificate in case of a sale.

The husbandry of Angus cattle and the production of Angus meat is checked regularly by the independent controls of Qualitätsmanagement Agrar GmbH in Menslage.

With advance notice, we are happy to show you our Angus herd and explain the structure of the husbandry and breeding in Christelhoi. Our holiday apartments are available to all Angus friends who have had a longer journey.